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Apocalypse Cow
Build Walls and Defend your Castle against Tall Ships and Flying Cows


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It's the middle of the 16th Century and a messenger has ridden to your castle home to warn you of an impending invasion. Sailing ships belonging to your overseas enemy have been sighted on the horizon, and they're heading your way at full speed. It's time to make sure your castle walls are solid, and to order your craftsmen to start building some new cannons to protect your lands.

In this highly amoooosing online game of Apocalypse Cow, you need to strategically position you cannons, build walls to surround your castles and fend off the enemy.

Apocalypse Cow Game Screenshot

How to Play Apocalypse Cow

At the start of the game your castle home starts with its walls fully surrounding it, but two other castles in your lands are undefended. To begin with you are presented with 2 cannons which your craftsmen have newly made. These are located at the bottom of the game screen. Double-click then hold and drag each cannon so that it is located within a space surrounded by castle walls.

Once you are happy with the placement of your first 2 cannons, click on the "Done" button on the bottom right of the game screen and the first wave of attack from the enemy galleons will begin. The enemy have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to try to defeat you. Not only can they fire upon you with cannonballs but they'll also send cows flying at your castle and to occupy your surrounding farm lands. On top of this, if you let any of the ships pull up to land, they'll lower their drawbridges to let invading troops advance with the aim of tearing down your castle walls. Use your left mouse button to fire upon your enemies.

At the end of the first wave of attack, once any remaining ships have sailed off into the distance, you'll be given 120 seconds to rebuild your walls and to press the "Done" button at the bottom right of the screen. You can see the clock counting down at the top of the game screen. During this time you need to ensure that at least one of your castles is surrounded by a continuous wall with no breaks in it (including no diagonal breaks). If you succeed in this task the game will continue with further opportunities to place cannons and further waves of attack from the enemy tall ships.

Be alert when placing cannons and building your walls that only cannons surrounded by a continuous wall can be used to defend your lands. Also, try not to let too many cows occupy your lands as these enemy bovines are obstinate animals who won't move if you try to build walls where they're grazing, so you 'll have to build your walls around the areas where they stand.

If, during any wallbuilding phase, you're unable to surround at least one castle with a continous wall and pressing the "Done" button within 120 seconds, the game will end and you'll be presented with your score and an opportunity to tweet your success and tell udder people how you did on Twitter. Don't be afraid to milk it if you do well!

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