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Torpedo Alley

Submarine Game

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In the multi-level game of Torpedo Alley, you are the captain of a submarine defending your local waters.  Enemy Supply ships have taken over your valuable shipping lanes, and are using them to transport arms and military equipment across.  Your set of missions, codenamed Torpedo Alley, is to destroy the Supply ships.  At first, the enemy are unaware of your presence, and, apart from the Supply ships, the only other vessels sailing by are Hospital ships.  However, as the levels progress, the enemy become very aware that you are somewhere in the deep waters below them, and will take progressively more determined efforts to annihilate you.

To guide your submarine, use your mouse pointer.  The sub will follow toward the direction of the pointer.  Your torpedos can be fired in two different directions.  By clicking your mouse button you are able to fire a torpedo upwards toward the surface.  Alternatively, by pressing your space button you can fire a torpedo from the front of your submarine (which fires toward the right of your screen).  It takes your crew some time to reload the torpedo tubes, so you are only allowed a maximum of one torpedo at a time in each direction.

Initially, your submarine is armed with 10 torpedos, and a limited supply of fuel.  As the game progresses, you will inevitably start to run low on both fuel and torpedos.  However, the mission has been carefully planned to allow for this.  Occasionally, an allied submarine will pass through, and a specially trained dolphin (treated with care and love throughout his training) will transport a package containing additional fuel and torpedo supplies to your submarine.  To collect the supply package, float your submarine over to the dolphin and your crew will collect the pachage from him.  Whatever happens, be careful not to accidentally shoot the dolphin.  His best friend is a very powerful and huge whale, who won't be too happy with you if if anything bad happens.

Take care not to torpedo Hospital ships either.  It's a violation of international law - and the consequences will come back to you immediately!

Each Supply ship you sink is worth 100 points more than the last one.  Once you have successfully destroyed ten Supply ships, you will move on to the next mission level.  In successive levels you will need to use your skill at maneuvering your submarine to survive various enemy tactics.  You ony have three submarines of your own, so be careful out there!

Good luck, Captain, and have fun!

Please bookmark Torpedo Alley and come back any time to enjoy this fun game again.