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Online Air Hockey Game
Play against your Computer


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Enjoy some fast paced fun with Springfrog's exciting online Air Hockey game. If you've never heard of, or played it in the real world, air hockey is a game played by two players using a specially designed table. Instead of needing ice like traditional hockey, air holes scattered across the table top blow air up through the table's surface. A round puck floats on the cushion of air, and is hit by a round paddle, also known as a mallet, which each player holds. This gives the effect of the puck sliding smoothly across the surface as if it was actually on ice itself. Because of the low resistance of floating on the air cushion, the puck can often end up travelling at excitingly high speeds, bouncing off the sides of the table as it goes.

The game itself was invented around 1969 or 1972 (depending on what source you trust) by engineers at an American billiard table manufacturing company called Brunswick Billiards, who are still making air hockey tables today.

In Springfrog's online version of Air Hockey, click and hold your left mouse button on your paddle whilst moving your mouse to move the paddle. Playing against the computer, your aim is to be the first to reach 9 goals. At the start of the game the puck is in your half of the table, giving you the chance to start the game. After scoring, whichever side has won the last point gets the puck in their side of the table to start the next point.

Have fun, and good luck against the computer!


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