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Angry Finches Catapult Game Online


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A flock of finches have decided that humans have become too much of a problem. Many of their friends have been hurt or killed from netting over crops trapping them, or oil spillages destroying their plumage and habitat. Then there are pesticides, and discarded fishing lines which tangle up around birds' legs and wings. All of these things have combined to make the finches very angry. They have decided that humans have had it good for too long.

Some of the finches, who have lost the power of flight to due to their scrapes with humanity, have built themselves a special catapult to battle the humans that they have identified as having caused problems to bindkind. It is your task to aim and control the power of the catapult's throw so that the birds can successfully attack their human enemies who are situated on precarious structures. Gravity and the laws of physics are your friends that you'll need to take into consideration when planning your attacks.

In this fun 20 level game there are 4 different types of finch that you will encounter in your journey through the levels. Each type of finch has its own unique special powers. Whilst the finch is in flight, the bottom left corner of the game will give you an idea of your chosen finch's special powers.

At each throw you can select which finch to capult next, giving you the ability to creatively complete the game in your own unique way.

Before selecting and catapulting your bird you can point your mouse to the right of screen to get the screen to scroll to the right so that you can view your targets. Point your mouse to the left and the screen will scroll to the left back to the catapult and beyond, where you can view your army of finches ready to be catapulted into flight.

Click on a finch to select it for catapultation. Once you have selected the finch, it will appear in the catapult ready for its journey. Click and hold your mouse down to pull the catapult back and aim for the correct trajectory and hurling power. Whilst you are holding the mouse down you can again point to the left of the game screen to scroll and get a final overview of your target, then to the right to get back to the catapult. When you're happy with your angle of throw and hurling power, let go of your left mouse button and your finch will be launched into the sky. Whilst your bird is on its journey you can left click your mouse for your finch to use its special powers.

Good luck....and next time you see a finch, remember to treat it nicely. You wouldn't want to make it angry.


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