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Radial Snake Game

A New Twist to the Original Arcade Classic

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Despite the myths, frights and folklore, snakes aren't slimy and this one certanly doesn't want to be scary. All he wants to do is find some yummy food to help him grow and make his way through this world. This fun online Radial Snake Game literally adds a new twist to the old original classic PC and arcade game where you need to guide your snake carefully to the tasty nibbles without running into yourself or the edge of the game board area.

Unlike the classic original where you could only travel in four directions (straight up, down, left or right), and had to turn at 90 degree angles, your advanced snake has climbed (or slithered) up the evolutionary tree, and is able to turn at any angle. To do this, he needs your help to guide him using your keyboard's left and right arrow keys. Clicking and holding down your right arrow key will tell your snake to veer off slightly in a clockwise direction. The longer you hold down the arrow key, the further clockwise your snake will head. Let go of your key and he'll then continue slithering straight in the direction he's heading at that time. Conversely, to go in the opposite direction, anti-clockwise, just use your left arrow key in a similar way..

Just like in the original arcade game, and in Springfrog's other featured versions, 3D Snake, Serpent and Image Chain, each time you guide your slithery friend to snake to some of the delicious food, your score will increase, and your snake will use the food's goodness and energy to grow its body a little. Every now and then there will be some extra special high protein food which will appear and will be indicated by a flashing yellowand blue blob...don't worry, the flashing doesn't mean it's been affected by radiation! If you can reach this food before it disappears, you'll get special bonus points - the faster you get to these special yummies, the greater will be your bonus score.

Your snake is a speedy little creature, and the edges of the game board are bordered by a solid wall. Hitting this at such a zippy rate of travel will result in certain death. Your little nibbler is a bit accident prone too, and if he runs into his own trailing body, he will inadvertedly take a big bite out of himself which will also end up in fatality.

How many points can you score? Good luck, and enjoy the scrummy food!

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