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Image Chain

Train Snake Game

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Image Chain is a a fun new version of the popular Snake game. Rather than having a hungry snake though, in Image chain you are the driver of a traditional steam engine train. Your freight is comprised of scrummy apples and your aim is to collect as many coach-fulls of them as you can in the shortest time possible. To collect your apples, you'll need to drive your train over them...maybe it's really apple chutney that you're collecting! Anyway, each time you drive your train over an apple you'll pick up another coach full of apples (or apple chutney!) which will be added to your train.

At the start of the game your train is stationery. To begin, click your mouse anywhere in the playing area, then start your train moving by using any of your keyboard's arrow keys. As you are travelling along, use the arrow keys to steer. The edge of the playing area is a solid wall - make sure that you don't bump into the walls otherwise the game will end in an almighty crash. The playing area in Image Chain is actually much larger than in most normal snake games. I think this makes for a more enjoyable game, as a big part of the fun is trying to avoid crashing into your own coaches, and this larger playing area gives you a better chance of building up a decent sized train at the early parts of the game without crashing into the side walls (hopefully). Oh yes, that reminds me - crashing into your train of coaches isn't a good idea - big badaboom as a Leeloo in The Fifth Element once said.

If you can collect 100 coaches you win the game and the timer will stop. Not only that but you'll most certainly be able to boast to all your friends that you're a train driver par excellence.

How many coaches can you build up, and if you can get your train to 100 coaches long, what clock time can you do it in?

Please bookmark Image Chain - Train Snake Game and drive your train back to Springfrog any time to collect those apples.