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Animal Drop Game

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In the animal drop game of DropSmart your challenge is to set groups of animals free to roam the wild plains. Different creatures are being dropped by special parachutes (it's OK, they've been cleared by animal welfare people). If they're dropped next to animals who are different to themselves, they'll just stay where they are, wondering what to do, but if you position three of the same type of animals together, either in a row horizontally or vertically, they'll dissappear off happily into the wilderness, adding to your score as they slip away.

If the animals that you removed were in a horizontal row, then any creatures that were above the ones that you removed will shunt down to fill any empty spaces. Beware however that if this type of shunt-down results in a group of 3 being created, the group may decide to stay where they are without disappearing.

To move the animals as they fall, use your left arrow and right arrow keys. If you find that the falling animals aren't moving in response to your arrow keys, just click with your mouse on the game area. Your arrow keys should then be able to work within the game. Be careful not to collide with any other animals as you move left and right though - the collision will cause a horrible calamity and the game will come to a sad end.

Can you set the animals wild and free, and keep the playing area from becoming overcrowded with a mixture of different critters?

Oska the fun koala desktop buddy
You've helped set his Koala friends free and wild in DropSmart - now let Oska the Koala be your desktop buddy and bring his fun antics to your PC.
Tahni the talking interactive desktop screenmate
She's fun, feisty and a fine lady to know. Download Tahni and she'll be your very own talking interactive desktop screenmate. She's completely free for you in her demo version.

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