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Towers of Hanoi

Multiple Level Online Puzzle Game

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The Towers of Hanoi seems a deceptively simple game, but don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity - it can be a very challenging game to master. The objective is to move all of the discs from the far left peg to the far right peg. Only one disc can be moved at a time, and any disc can only be moved on to a disc which is larger than itself, or on to a totally empty peg. At each move therefore, the disks on each peg are sorted according to size, with the smaller disks at the top and the larger discs at the bottom.

To move the discs, just click on any disc that is at the top of the pile on any pole, and drag it to the pole where you wish to place it. One thing to beware of is try to ensure that you don't press two of your mouse buttons at the same time. For some reason this may result in a disk disappearing from the game board, thus making your task impossible to complete. It's not really supposed to happen like that, but I can't work out how to fix this currently, so maybe it can be thought of as as an additional challenge to avoid the dual-clicks.

This great game enables you to choose the size of your tower - from 3 to 12 discs in height. Many people have been defeated at 8 discs, but all heights can be accomplished. Once you've choosen the height of your tower using the plus or minus signs, and have started to play, the clock will start ticking, timing how long you take to achieve your goal. You'll also see, at the bottom of the game area, a display which indicates the minimum number of moves in which it's possible to complete the particular level that you're on.

If you'd like the computer to show you a solution to an particular variation of tower heights, just click on the Solution button. You can control how quickly the computer makes its moves when solving by using the Speed slider.

History of the Towers of Hanoi

The Towers of Hanoi game was first presented to the world by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas in 1883. His original game consisted of 8 discs of wood, pierced at their centers. On the instruction sheet Inside the box of the game, he used the name Professor N. Claus (Of Siam), an anagram of Lucas d'Ameins, and told the story of an old Indian legend. In this tale, since a good long time ago, Brahmins (Hindu priests) have, at the steps of the alter in the Temple of Bernares, been moving the Sacred Tower of Brahma, which has 64 discs in fine gold, trimmed with diamonds from Golconde. When the movement of the tower is completely finished, the Tower and the Brahmins will fall, and the world will end.

He offered a prize of a million francs, and more, to anyone who accomplished, by hand the moving of a 64 level Tower of Hanoi in accordance with the rules of the game.

Even if the legend of the Brahmins were true, the world is safe for quite a while yet. The bare minimum number of moves to successfully complete a 64 disk tower is 18,446,744,073,709,551,615. Even if the Brahmins were to play a perfect game in the minimum number of moves, and managed to move one disc every second, it would take over 500 billion years for them to complete their task. Considering that the world is estimated to be only between 4 and 6 billion years old, and humans have only walked the earth for the last few million years, even if the Brahmins started at the dawn of humankind, we still have quite enough time left.

How high a tower can you successfully move and can you achieve any of the minimum-move combinations?

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