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The Gem Game

Online Diamond and Jewels Mine Extraction

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Deep underground lies a wealth of shimmering diamonds, gems and jewels. You are in charge of the extraction of these precious minerals from their subterranean mine. Because of "economies of scale", rather than extract the gems one or two at a time, you need to extract at least three of the same types of gem at once. This means that at least three of the same gems need to be aligned together, side by side in a horizontal row, or together vertically (diagonally unfortunately doesn't count, as your extraction machinery can't mine diagonally).

In order to align the gems so that you can mine them, you are able to move any two vertically or horizontaly adjacent gems by clicking on them with your mouse. This will swap the position of the two gems that you've clicked. If this results in a line of three or more gems of the same kind, horizontally or vertically, then the line of gems will be removed from the mine. The resulting space created will cause the gems above to drop down, and new, previously unseen gems will appear from the top of the mine area.

If you mine more than three gems in a single move, you'll score extra points in that particular move. This can be done by creating a line of 4 or 5 gems of the same kind (for example 5 diamond gems in a horizontal or vertical row), or swapping your two chosen gems in such a way that two different lines of different gems are created. In addition, take into consideration the fact that when the gems above any empty mined spaces fall down, these fallen gems may themselves fall into such a position that they form a line of 3 or more of the same type of gems - if this happens, this line will also be mined. Sometimes this can create a chain reaction, with three or even more mining operations separately occurring from fallen gems in a single move, so looking out for this type of occurrence (even though it may be sometimes difficult to identify or predict) can be very productive.

The Gem game has multiple levels for you to enjoy a varied range of challenges:

  • Level one has no time limit - you can continue mining as long as a potential line of three or more gems exists. In addition, if you get stuck in a position where you can't see any potental lines, you have the option to use the Hint key. Beware though, hints will cost you, and 50 points will be deducted from your score to pay for each hint.
  • Level two starts with a time limit of 180 seconds, and the clock will start to count down as soon as you click on the New Game button. However, each time you make a succesful mine of a line of gems, extra time is added to the countdown clock. On this level, and all further levels beyond, no hints are available.
  • Level three is a little more challenging, giving you a starting time limit of 90 seconds. Similar to level 2, additional time is added every time you maka a successful mining move, but the actual amount of extra time added is less than on level 2.
  • Level four is where things get really difficult. Here, you only have 60 seconds to start with. Just one or two delays between minings whilst looking for matching gemstones can get you into big trouble with the ticking clock. You'll get extra time on the clock for each succesful mine of a set of gems, but this additional time is less than you get on level 3.
  • Level five is a pure challenge of your mining skill and speed. Here you only start with 30 seconds on the clock. Although you still get awarded additional time added for each gem line that you mine, this extra time is even less than in level 4.

OK, the gems are waiting to be mined - it's time to start the mining operation.

Best of luck and happy mining!

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