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Vexed is a fun game that will test your intellect and stretch your mind. It is played using square tiles, each with four different numbers on their four sides. Initially the pieces are mixed up on the right hand side of the game. Your challenge is to rearrange them in the grid on the left hand side, so that the number on any side which touches another square matches the number on the side of the other square which it is touching. For example, if one tile has the number 7 on the bottom, any square which is placed directly below that piece must have the number 7 on the top. You are playing against the clock, so the question is not only can you solve the puzzle, but how fast can you do it too?

In a way it's like a 4 sided dominoes game, but with numbers going from 1 to 9 instead of the 1 to 6 that you see in dominoes. What also makes it tricky is that it's in an enclosed space (all pieces must be placed within the larger square on the left). Vexed is also sometimes known as Tetravex or Travex.

The default size of the playing area is a board of 3 squares by 3 squares. This is difficulty level 1, and is certainly an intriguing enough puzzle to get you thinking. You'll find the higher levels 2 to 4 even more of a mindstretching experience! To select a level, firstly click on the Difficulty drop-down selection box, choose the difficulty level and then click on the New Game button. To move a tile from the box on the right hand side to the main box on the left, just click and drag the tile with your mouse.

Each time you play you'll get a totally new set of tiles, with a different combination of numbers, so you can come back to Vexed at any time for a brand new challenge.

Good luck and have fun!

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