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Parachute Panic

Based on Classic 80's Handheld LCD Games

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Remember those old classic handheld LCD games of the early 80's in the days way before the hugely advanced game boy. Maybe, like me, you were saving your pocket money for other things (for me it was an Oric 1 computer that those pennies were being gathered towards) and never managed to get one of the pocket LCD games for yourself. Don't worry though, you've not missed out, as now in the 21st Century you can enjoy a faithful retro simulation, complete with even the LCD ghosting effect of the animated characters which would faintly show on those mini electronic games, and a clock showing the current time.

In this fun game of Parachute Panic, you're in the highly responsible position of being a navy rowboatman. War has broken out in the jungle islands, and paratroopers need to parachute in to try to quell the fighting. It's far too dangerous for them to parachute straight on to the islands, as each one is a complete battlefield and there's a high risk of the paratroopers being shot down before they land on the ground. The only safe way for them to reach the islands is by parachuting in to the shallow waters between them. There's one big danger for them there too though - the sea is shark infested, which means that there's no way that the paratroopers can risk swimming through the waters.

This is where you come in with your speedy rowing skills and accurate eye. As the paratroopers drop out of their helicopter, you'll need to push those rows into the water quickly to propel your boat and catch the falling paratroopers before they drop into the ocean and get devoured by the hungry sharks. Use your keyboard's arrow keys to direct your boat but watch out for the monkey in the tree. He's very protective of his territory, and that includes the waters around his tree, and every now and then he'll throw a coconut in your direction to try to keep you away (I think he's related to to those cheeky monkeys who keep stealing Professor Papilon's butterflies in Floyd Catcher). If one of the coconuts hit you, you'll be concussed and unable to row your boat for a brief instant, and with the lives of the paratroopers at stake, every moment counts.

In order to totally quell the warring factions, 80 paratroopers are needed on the islands. If you let as many as 3 drop into the ocean to be eaten by the sharks, the helicopter squad will decide that it's too dangerous to risk the lives of any more though, and the game will end. Can you safely catch the required number of 80 paratroopers and bring peace to the islands?

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