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Frozen Bubble Shooter

100 Level Online Game

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Deep in the icy lands of the Antarctic there's much more going on than us humans may have ever thought. The penguins have built themselves an igloo at the bottom of an icy chasm to keep warm during the chilly winter months.

Unfortunately what they didn't realise is that there was a strange compressor machine located at the top of the chasm, with groups of different colored bubbles hanging down from the machine. Gradually, bit by bit the machine has started to clunk downwards. Seeing as the temperature is so cold, the bubbles hanging down are frozen solid as a rock, threatening to squash not just the igloo but the penguins themselves.

Penguin mythlogy tells of such a machine, and that if new bubbles can be shot toward the existing hanging ones to create groups of 3 or more of the same colour, the adjoining bubbles of that color will drop harmlessly away.

Resourceful as these clever birds are, the penguins have created a bubble launcher cannon. Their one weakness is that they're not very good at aiming their new creation - and this is where they need your help.

To direct the penguin at the cannon to aim to the left or right, use your keyboard arrow keys. Your upward arrow key or your shift key will tell the penguin to fire. Don't take too long to decide though, as the penguins are understandably a little impatient, so if you don't tell the shooter penguin to fire the cannon within a certain time period, he'll take a shot himself without your guidance.

If you're colour blind and can't distinguish the colours too well, don't worry - each different coloured bubble has contains within it a different pattern structure, which you can toggle on or off using your keyboard's M key.

Other keyboard toggle keys are:

  • S will toggle the sound on or off.
  • P will pause the game at any point.
To start, click on the game itself and then hit your firing key (up-arrow on your keyboard). Once you've completed each level, this firing key will also take you to the next level .

Can you help the penguins save their igloo home and themselves? And how far through the levels can you reach?

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