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Reverse Mouse Precision Maze Game

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Have you ever felt that everything in this world is back to front? In this enjoyable game of Labyrinth, that's just what has happened. You've fallen through a rift in space, into a parallel but reverse universe. Your objective is to negotiate the ball around the labyrinth, avoiding the holes, and gather 10 flags, represented by the pulsing square shaped objects.

At the beginning of the game the arena is set up with your ball at the centre. You'll be presented with a different randomly genenerated maze each time you play, giving you a different challenge every game.

It's your task to prove your skills of mouse precision but in this mirrored reality, all of your movements result in the exact opposite happening in the game. The further your mouse travels to the left of the center cross-hairs, the quicker the ball will make its way to the right, and the more distance you make upwards between the cross-hairs and the mouse, the faster the ball will travel downwards, and vice-versa. Once you have collected a flag you will gain an extra second on the clock, and a new flag will appear in a random position in the arena.

Collecting 10 flags will complete the level and transport you to a new labyrith on the next level. On each new level the number of randomly positioned holes will increase by 6. Try to stop yourself from tumbling into the holes, as it will take three seconds for a new ball to be transported to you, during which time those precious seconds will be ticking away all the while.

Every flag that you collect will score 100 points multiplied by the number of the level that you are on. If you successfully complete a level you'll gain a bonus score which is calculated by multiplying the number of seconds that you have remaining by the level number, and multiplying the result by 100 - thus, the faster you complete a level the more bonus points you'll be awarded.

Extra bonuses may appear during your game. One will give you a super bonus of 1000 points multiplied by the number of the level you're on. A different one will fill in 6 holes for you, and one other particular bonus will give you an extra 5 seconds on your current clock time. Finally, one bonus will make you indestructible and able to fly over the holes without falling in for a period of 5 seconds.

How high can you score and how many levels can you successfully complete?

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