Absolute Space game - destroy asteroids with your space ship laser beams
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Absolute Space Game

Guide your Ship through the Asteroid Belt

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Your space ship's navigation failed a few hours ago and somehow you have accidentally stumbled into the asteroid belt.  Fortunately your defence shields are strong and your plasma lasers are fully operational.  Both your shields and lasers are powered by the latest self renewing technology - a combination of highly efficient solar power, nuclear fission and something secret that your scientists simply refuse to tell you about!    

In the online game of Absolute Space, you need to make your way through the asteroid belt, destroying the approaching asteroids with your plasma laser technology.  Each time you fire a high powered laser beam, there is a temporary drain of energy which is indicated by one of the bars near the bottom of the game screen.  If you collide with one of the asteroids your shield will incur temporary damage, represented by the second indicator bar.  Your ships self renewing technology will regenerate power for the shields and lasers after a few moments, but if your shields run down to zero power, crashing into another asteroid will be fatal.

To start this fun online java game, click your left mouse button in the game area below.  Your space ship is highly manoeverable and you can move in all directions using your four arrow keys.  You have the choice of either using your space bar or your left mouse button to fire at the asteroids.

Good luck - the safety of the ship is in your hands! 

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