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Penguin Push

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One of the penguins from our Frozen Bubble Shooter game has a special task to undertake. The igloos that the penguins live in are made from very special blocks of ice, and your little penguin has cut them perfectly to shape. All he has to do now is to position the blocks in their storage spaces (the yellow colored spots in the game), although that's not really such an easy task as it sounds. Because of their bulky size and slipperiness, the frozen blocks can only be pushed by your penguin - not pulled. They are quite big and hefty too, and your penguin is only strong enought to push one at a time - if you get two blocks side by side, he won't be able to shove both of them together from either end.

This great little game has multiple levels to keep your peguin on his toes (do penguins have toes?) and for you to enjoy. As levels progress, extra challenges will appear, like slippery-slidy icy bits.

Your keyboard's arrow keys will control the direction of the penguin. He needs to complete each task in a certain amount of time, otherwise he'll be replaced - but this is a specialist operation, which very few penguins are skilled enough to carry out, so make sure you don't run out of these clever critters. You can always see the number of penguins remaining at the top of the game. To the left of this, you can view the time remaining for this level, and at the far left the level number. Over on the far right is shown the number of steps you've taken in the current level. You'll be awarded more points the faster you complete a level and the fewer steps you take.


  • Beware of pushing the blocks into a corner. Because your penguin can't pull, once in a corner the block will not be able to be moved elsewhere.
  • Be careful too about walls. Although your penguin will be able to push the block flush along a wall, unless there is a recess he may not be able to move the block away from the wall once up against it.
  • To give yourself time to plan ahead, without the clock running down, you can use the pause button to freeze the space-time continuum.
  • If you find yourself in a position that you can't get out of, you can use the reset button, but by doing this your current penguin will leave the game.
After each level your penguins will be awarded a score. Their final total is shown at the end of the game.

How high can your penguins score and how far through the levels can they go?

Please bookmark the fun online game of Penguin Push and come back any time for more enjoyable challenges.