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Pazzo Francesco in:

"Escape from Rakoth Dungeons" Platform Game

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Fearless explorer Pazzo Franceso has found himself trapped in the huge and labyrinthine Rakoth Dungeons. His only hope of escape is to use the dangerous platform network on the dungeons' outer walls, and follow the gates which will lead him toward freedom. The gates are bewitched though, and will refuse to let anyone through whilst any of the other platforms are sticking out.

As Pazzo, it is your task to discover how to get all of the platforms to retreat back into the walls, whilst ensuring that you allow yourself an eventual route to the gate which will lead you to the next level. Most of the unmarked platforms will retreat into the walls after they have been stood upon, but there are many different types of special platforms too, whose properties you'll need to figure out, in order that you can survive to make your way ahead.

Pazzo has a number of different moves, all of which are controlled by your keyboard's arrow keys or a combination of the shift key and arrow keys. The effect of the shift key is to give Pazzo a longer jump in the direction you choose. For example shift together with your right arrow key will make Pazzo jump two platforms to the right. To jump up diagonally, press and hold your up arrow key, then press the right arrow key (to jump right) or the left arrow key (to jump left).Pressing the shift key in combination with both the up arrow and the left or right key will make Pazzo use his lasso to propel himself further in a diagonally upward direction.

Good luck and try not to let Pazzo fall!

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