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It always happens. There you are, out having a peaceful drive, and just as you're beginning to unwind and let the cares of the world float away, the lunatics arrive! And your nice shiny red car attracts these mad fools like a red rag to a bull. This time you've just turned into a parking lot, all ready to have a pleasant day out, and there they are, the worst kind of drivers you ever want to meet. Maybe they think they're indestructible or maybe they've just got a suicide streak but for whatever reason, all they seem to want to do is career straight into your car with no thought of the consequences. There's nothing for it - you're left with only two choices - fight or flight (it's like a jungle out there and the animals are driving!).

Click your mouse in the game area below to start play. Your car is reasonably nifty and manoeuverable, and in any turn you can move to 6 of the eight surrounding squares (providing the square is not blocked by an obstacle or another car). As long as there is enough room, the 6 squares that you can move to are: Straight ahead, ahead right or ahead left, or you can move straight reverse, reverse right or reverse left. You can't move immediately to the squares 90 degrees left or right of where your car is pointing, due to the tightness of the turning-circle that would be required. In order to move to a particular square, click your mouse in the square to which you wish to move.

Bearing in mind that these car-driving maniacs can kill you, it's lucky that you and your passenger have taken the precaution of each bringing a short range pistol for your defence. The other drivers need to be dispatched in whatever way is necessary (remember, it's you or them) so if you can't get them to crash into each other, you can use your guns to shoot at the other cars. It takes time to load and fire your gun, so you can't shoot and drive in the same turn - you need to choose to do one or the other. To fire your gun and that of your passenger's, click on your car itself. The gunfire will be aimed straight out of the driving seat and passenger seat (in other words at 90 degrees to the direction that the car is pointing). Your guns are only short-range pistols however, so will only accurately hit at a distance of four squares or less, and you can't shoot around obstables that are between you and your target - space-age-style bendy weapons haven't been invented yet.

Escape is a multiple level game, getting progresively more difficult, and with more points available, as the levels increase. At the start, the other drivers are the most slow-witted of them all. The trees in the parking lot will help you considerably in dealing with these first guys, as they'll almost blindly career into any obstacle, be it trees, other drivers or cars which have already crashed and are burning in flames. As the levels increase, the original drivers' somewhat more intelligent counterparts start to arrive. These will be considerably more difficult to escape from, but despite their advantage in brute numbers you have one more trick to help you to deal with them. Unknown to the other drivers, you are aware of four escape points - one at each corner. If you drive through one of these escape points, the other drivers will be left scratching their heads wondering where you've gone, giving you enough time to travel around the outer edges of the main parking lot and appear in the opposite corner.

Ah well, so much for a peaceful of luck out there!

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