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Javanoid is a breakout style game with some very special extra features.  Not only do you have 12 different levels, each with a different layout, but you can also collect fallng pills which give you extra powers (although watch out for the grey pills - they shrink your paddle size - not nice!)

The Pills

The effect of collecting a pill depends the color of the pill:
Blue  gives you three balls on your screen at once.
Red  adds a firing mechanism to your paddle.
Green  makes your paddle sticky so that each time your ball hits the paddle you can move to any position before re-launching the ball.
Yellow  increases your paddle size.
Grey  reduces your paddle size.
Orange  Can either give you an extra ball, make your ball into a super ball which goes straight through any bricks in front of it, or add a bonus to your score.

Javanoid Game Controls

You can use either your mouse or your keyboard to play Javanoid.  If using your mouse, you can guide your paddle by moving your mouse left or right.  Clicking either your left or right mouse button will launch your ball or fire at the bricks if you have collected a red paddle. 

If you wish to use your keyboard, the left and right arrow keys will control the direction of the paddle, and you can use the space bar to launch the ball or fire.  N will start a new game, P will toggle to pause/resume the game, S will toggle the sound on or off, and  U will change the direction the ball is travelling.  If the keys do not work, click within the game to give it the focus.

Game Tips

Usually the grey blocks must be hit three times to destroy them, and the gold ones can't be destroyed at all.  However, if you have gained a super ball by collecting an orange pill, your ball will detroy anything in its path!

Collecting a red pill can be very powerful - fire at will!

Keys 1 to 9 can be used to change the speed of the game, 1 being slowest and 9 being fastest.  The default speed is 5.

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