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In this fun multi-level online game of Gauntlet, you are a wizard on a dangerous quest, travelling through lands inhabited by deathly skulls and their demonic ghosts who do the skull's bidding. The skulls and their ghosts have one simple thing on their dustified minds - they want you dead. If the ghosts touch you they'll use their ghoulish ways to sap your health energy which is indicated by your the number beside your heart sign. You'll also use up health energy each second as time goes by, but here and there you'll find some extra food which you can use to replenish your energy. It's important that your energy levels don't deplete too much, - if they reach zero, that's it, your entire life force has gone and you're dead.

Initially, you are armed only with your magical power to throw fireballs in your battle against the ghosts. To throw a fireball in the direction that you're standing, use your keyboard's space key. The skulls are the origin of the ghosts, and if you destroy a skull, it will no longer be able to produce ghosts. Potions which you'll discover on your journey are especially useful in your battles. To use a potion press the your keyboard's P key - this will destroy every ghost on the screen. It will still leave the skulls though, as they are invulnerable to potions and can only be killed by fireballs.

On your travels you'll find keys left around in various places too. These are very valuable, as some routes are blocked by doors which you can only open by using one of the keys you have collected. Use them wisely otherwise you may find your way blocked in later levels.

As a wizard you're doing this for the good of the world...but as an extra final bonus, there are boxes of treasure scattered across the lands. Grab this and you'll get extra points awarded to you.

How far through the levels will your wizarding travels take you, and how high can you score?

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