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Hexxagon is an addictive strategy game played on a hexagonal board containing 58 smaller hexagonal spaces. In some ways it may be thought of as similar to Othello or Reversi, but Hexxagon is very much a totally individual game of its own with its unique peculiarities and characteristics.

In this online version of Hexxagon you can choose to play against the computer or against another human opponent who may be present at your PC. Each player starts with three pieces, which are initially located in the corners of the the large hexagon. When playing against the computer, your pieces are the red rubies whilst the computer has the puddles of water. If you click on one of your pieces, the computer will highlight the spaces to which you can move.

A piece has a certain amount of energy and can jump up to two spaces away from its current position. If you decide to jump this far, the position where you have jumped from becomes vacant. However, alternatively your piece can use its energy to self-replicate, creating a duplicate of itself which will roll over and move to a space next to the original piece. To choose which you wish to do, just click on either:

  1. A hexxagon two places away to jump, or...
  2. A hexagon next to your existing piece to self-replicate.
Once you have moved, the piece which has jumped or the newly replicated piece uses its fiendishly designed second part of its energy on any enemy pieces which are immediately adjacent to it. This energy is a transformational power, and changes any adjacent enemy pieces to become the same type (ruby or water) as the piece which has just moved.

As the game progresses you can quickly see how many rubies and how many water droplets are on the board by checking the tally at the bottom right hand corner of the game. The winner is the one who has the most of their own pieces on the board once it is full.

Can you win and create a higher population of your pieces on the board than the computer or your human rival? And can you do the ultimate and even fill the board entirely with your own pieces?

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