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Air Fox

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At the start of the 23rd Century, the people of Earth struggled to cling on to life whilst the little ice that had remained at the North and South pole finally melted into the sea. With the rise in sea level, great oceanic masses were formed, and humankind was restricted to the small areas of dry land that remained, and which had previously been high mountainous areas. As time went by, because these places were the only land left, their value skyrocketed like never before. Eventually the land became too expensive to be used for homes, and humankind moved to form cities on the water.

Initially these sea cities were simply built on old, previously forgotten oil platforms. As these clonies increased in size, the platforms were extended to provide shelter for the increasing populace. Natural resources were running extremely low, and reaping those resources that remained was an arduous task. Underwater craft were needed to dive and salvage what little they could from the old, now-submerged cities and metropolises. Humankind had only a short period to deal with already existing contrasts of different societies, customs and location, and in a very small timescale disaccord between differing platforms let to contention and conflict.

The head consellors, ambassadors and captains became aware that humankind was too delicate to let any single platform to attain absolute dominance above others, and thus a worldwide security airforce called Air Fox was created to keep the world safe and peaceful. Unfortunately some platforms formed a joint alliance in a revolt against the new airforce. These rogue platforms started to commandeer and annex whole cities. Vehicles were taken by them and converted into machines of war, whilst the platforms themselves were changed into sea fortifications. Naming themselves Bane, meaning the causation of destruction, death and ruin, the rogue masses unified and their organised forces soon became a significant danger to the harmony of the remaining peaceful platforms. At the seizure of each newly-overpowered platform, Bane increased in strength, and soon Air Fox took what supplies and assets they had remaining, and took flight to the skies. All Air Fox fighter pilots share a single objective - strike as much damage as possible against Bane's resources and live to battle another day.

Use your keyboard's arrow keys to control the direction of your fighter plane, and the space barto fire your weapons. During your flight you will meet up with scheduled friendly supply ships whose sheilds are in such a phase with your own weapons that they cannot be harmed if you accidentally fire upon them, but will simply allow your shots to continue their original trajectory as if the friendly ships were not there.

Stay aware and alert, and keep in mind that Bane have conrol of all the platforms now, so you need to eliminate all that you can.

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