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Sudden Birds - Online Toppling Physics and Gravity Game


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Help an eccentric farmer survive his escapades in this fun 20 level online toppling physics and gravity game. Our farmer has earned the nickname “Sudden Birds” from his neighbors in the surrounding towns because of his unusual habit of building rickety constructions made of boxes and wooden beams, and then climbing fearlessly up to the very top of his unstable contrivances. No-one knows why he does this, not even Sudden Birds himself. Maybe it's to reach a platform to survey the crops and animals on his farm, or possibly it's just for the thrill of the climb and being up so high. Whatever the reason may be, it's certainly something that he enjoys doing, but the problem arrives when he needs to get back down to earth.

Our quirky farmer has an usual way of clearing any overgrown land by using bombs, which he is always leaving scattered around the place. Unfortunately, he even uses these in his constructions to support the beams and crates that he climbs on! When helping him reach the ground, beware of letting any of the bombs touch him, as they will explode and you'll lose a life.

On the farm there are also cactus plants which our farmer grows as one of his crops. They make attractive items for his customers, but they're highly dangerous and landing on one is not something that anyone would want to do for fun. Similar to the bombs, if Sudden Birds drops on a cactus, a life will be lost.

Click on any of the boxes or beams to remove them and help demolish our farmer's constructions so that he can get safely back down to earth using gravity and physics. If you think you've made a mistake on a particular level and find yourself stuck or in an impossible position you can restart that level by using the button. Be careful when doing this though, as every time you use this button to restart a level you'll lose 100 points from your score.

The number of lives that you have remaining are shown in the heart near the top right of the game.  Once you've successfully completed a level, click on the flashing triangle above the heart to advance to the next level.  As long as you have enough lives left, you can skip forward a level by clicking the button if you wish, but beware that doing this will cost you a life.

Can you complete all 20 levels and help our farmer get safely back down to earth?


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