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Marty on the Alien Planet
Online Physics Game with Falling Gravity


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Marty is an adventurous little alien who is on a quest. Scans of a planet neighboring Marty's homeworld. have shown that there are no lifeforms inhabiting it. However, mysterious shiny round orbs have been reported to be located at the base of unusual structures on the planet.

Marty's mission is to collect these strange yet beautiful orbs so that they can be studied by scientists back on his own planet, who are mystified at what they may be. In this fun 10 level game, Marty starts by having beamed down from his spaceship to the top of a different structure at the beginning of each level. To help Marty down so that he can collect the orb from the ground, click on the boxes and beams to remove them. Unsupported parts of the structures, including even Marty himself, will then drop down with the realistic gravity physics of the game. Don't worry, Marty won't be hurt by falling to the ground. The gravity of the planet is quite low, and Marty will gently bounce if he drops from any great height.

Be careful as the red boxes will explode as they are removed, causing the structures to be affected by the shock wave pushing away from the blast. This can even cause Marty to be blown away from the vicinity.

If you successfully get Marty to collect an orb, you'll unlock the next level, where he will be teleported to the top of a new construction of boxes and beams.

How far can you get helping Marty on his quest through the levels?


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