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Reach your target whilst avoiding Deadly Bouncing Balls

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Eskiv is one of those infuriatingly simple but completely addictive games that you'll want to come back to again and again. In this game, you're the large circular ball, and your task is to collect points by guiding yourself to your target indicated by the the large square blob. The trouble is, you'll need to avoid the small blue Deadly Bouncing Balls. You've only got one life - if one of these hits you, you're kaput and the game is over.

To start, click the game with your mouse to give it "focus". Then your keyboard's arrow keys will move your ball in any direction of travel (you can even move diagonally by holding down two arrow keys at the same time). Each time you reach the square, an extra blue Deadly Bouncing Ball will appear, and the target square will reappear in a different random position in the game. Avoiding the Deadly Bouncing Balls quickly gets very tricky, and if you can score more than 100 you're doing well indeed.

Please bookmark Eskiv, the game of reaching your target whilst avoiding Deadly Bouncing Balls and come back for more fun at any time.