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Candy Drops Game

Drop the Candies to form Yummy Groups

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Do you like to crunch your candies in your teeth or do you prefer to let the flavour flood slowly into your mouth? Yumm, I'm getting hungry even thinking of those tasty sweets.

In this great game of Candy Drops, you're the owner of a candy store. When your candies get delivered to you, they're in a completely mixed state - yellow lemon drops, red raspberry drops and all the other sorts and flavours are jumbled together. The problem is, a lot of your customers come to your shop wanting only one particular flavour.

This is where your special Candy Separation Machine comes in as a vitally handy piece of equipment (and it's fun to use too!). The machine feeds in candies (erm, that sounds like the machine eats them but noooo that's not what I mean) from the top in mixed groups of 3 at a time. Your task as controller of the machine is to try to get the candies to rain down in such a way that they create groups of 3 of the same colour (flavour), either horizontally, vertically or even diagonally once they land on the bottom of the machine. If it detects that 3 of the same color are together, the machine will remove these and, behind the scenes, will place the matching coloured candies into their correct jar so that you can later serve them to customers.

Use your keyboard's left and right arrow keys to guide the candies whilst they proceed on their journey downwards through the machine. You can also use your up arrow key to change the order of the falling candies, moving their position from right to left in the group of three (the furthest left one will jump to the far right when you do this). Pressing your down arrow key will send the current candy triplicate hurtling quicly to the bottom. You can always see the subsequent group of candies that are ready to be dropped uder the "next" indicator.

Try to score as much as you can before any of the candy towers reach the top of the machine. Once this happens, the machine will shut down as it won't be able to feed any more candies through, and the only way to restart the machine is to reload the page.

Remember, your score represents how many yummy candies you can later sell to those fussy customers - the more you score the more you profit!

Please bookmark Candy Drops Game, the game of dropping Candies to form Yummy Groups and come back for more fun at any time.