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3D Curveball Game

Advanced 3 Dimensional Pong Inspired Fun

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Prepare for some 3 dimensional fun in the game of 3D curveball. Inspired by the classic game of pong, yet so radically advanced that it's a whole world apart, 3D curveball is a highly addictive multiple level game.

You're playing against the computer in a 3D curveball court. Both you and the computer have a rectangular racket. To start the game, move your racket with your mouse so that the racket is over the ball, then click with your mouse to serve the ball toward the computer's end of the court.

Once the ball is in motion, you'll be able to see the computer's racket down on the opposite end of the court, and as the computer hits the ball in return, the section of the racket which the computer has used for the hit will briefly light up. As the ball travels, it triggers the side lights in the walls, which are an aid in letting you tell how close or far away the ball is at any point. Try to hit the ball when it returns to your end of the court, thus sending it back to the computers side (you don't need to click with your mouse each time you hit the ball - the initial click was only to set the ball in motion). Each time you successfully hit the ball back to the computer you'll add to your score.

Like a when you throw a real curveball, and similar to games like tennis, squash or table tennis, if you hit the ball whilst your bat is moving, you can put a spin on it, which can curve the ball whilst it's travelling away from you. This can have the advantage of confusing your opponent - the ball may look like it's going in one direction but the motion of a ball spinning off to an angle can be more tricky to predict, esecialy if it goes bouncing off the side walls too. Another advantage of giving the ball spin is that you can gain Curve Bonus points or even Supercurve bonuses. Additional bonus points are awarded for accuracy if you hit the ball with the dead center of your racket.

If the computer misses the shot, it'll lose a life, representd by the red dots near the top left of the game screen, below your score. Once all the red dots are gone, the next time the computer misses the ball, you'll have completed the level and will be transported to the next level. As each level increases the computer's intelligence and skill at the game increases. Your own total lives remaining in the entire game are indicated by the blue dots toward the upper right of the game screen.

As well as the Curve, Accuracy and Supercurve bonuses, there is also a timed bounus which you can gain, and which is indicated at the bottom right of the game. This bonus starts at a maximum value at the beginning of each level, and decreases during the playing time. Once you've completed the level you'll be awarded the remaining bonus value.

How high can you score and what level can you attain?

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