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Cell Out Game

Save the Sick Animal Patients

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In the novel game of Cell Out, you're a vet trying to save sick animal patients. Just like us human beings, the poorly creatures have good white blood cells in their body, which are stolidly fighting away at the diseased cells. Without your help though, the disease will take over. The illness is a particularly nasty contagion - each and every infected cell must be killed. Because you're operating on a microscopic level to do this, your task is a little tricky. At your disposal is killer cell, represented by the transparent circle at the bottom of the game. Tweak the killer cell by touching it on one side near its bottom - click your mouse there and the killer cell will bounce off in the opposite direction, destroying all other cells that it comes into contact with.

Your aim is to annihilate the infected colored cells, but be careful not to destroy the good white blood cells. Each one of the white cells that you kill will make your patient weaker, and the timer representing the patient's life force, and indicated by the decreasing line near the bottom right of the game (between the words "Patient" and "Score"), will suddenly drop down a little further. If you destroy all of the white blood cells your patient will die immediately. Sometimes you may find that bouncing off a side wall will help you hit the nasty cells whilst avoiding a white blood cell.

Every now and then an hourglass will appear. Target this correctly and your patient will gain extra strength. If you completely cure a patient by killing all the infected cells, the patient's remaining life force will be converted into bonus points.

Currently high score recording is inactive - something for me to do at a later date.. To play again at the end, just click on your browser's refresh/reload button.

Good luck in your heroic life-saving mission.

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