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Prison Escape Game

Multiple Room Levels

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Although you've done nothing wrong or untoward, you've been taken prisoner by an unlawful organization and are being held in their jail compound. Being a rogue organisation, they don't have a proper prison, but their guards are intent on keeping you from reaching the exits. Use your keyboard's arrow keys to try to reach each exit as fast as you can. But avoid being caught by the guards...if they catch you, they'll viciously beat you to a pulp for trying to escape, resulting in you losing one life, and unlike a cat, you only have three of those.

On early levels there will only be one guard, but as you make your way into further levels, there will be more guards keeping lookout. The organisation keeps bombs stored too, so watch out that you don't walk into a bomb, otherwise you'll lose a life that way too.

Every few levels you'll find yourself in a room full of money and no guards (the organisation doesn't trust its guards to be in a room full of cash). In this bonus level, you only have a maximum of 75 moves. Gather as much money as you can for extra points, but make sure you reach the exit before your 75 moves are up, otherwise you'll lose a life through exhaustion of carrying all that heavy money.

How high can you score, and how many levels can you escape to?

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