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3D Driver

Car Driving Game

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It's a clear, starlit night, with no mist in the air - a perfect time to take a drive through the local mountain roadways. In 3D Driver, you are at the wheel of a high-powered car, capable of speeds of 150mph. Luckily, here in the mountains there are no speed limits - the law is simply, "Drive well or die"!

Make sure you stay on the right side of the road, as other cars and jeeps use the mountain pass too, and every now and then you may see another vehicle approach you on the other side of the road. If you travel fast enough you may also be able to overtake vehicles on your own side of the road too. Oh, and don't fall off the edge of the mountain or crash into the sides. Your car is reasonably tough and well put-together, so if you do have a crash, you will be able to repair the car twice more (in other words you have three lives in total). The red lines which go across the entire road are checkpoints. The further distance you travel, the better you get to know the car and are able to repair it, so you will be awarded with an extra life if you pass checkpoint 15, another at checkpoint 30 and one more life at 40.

To control your car, use your keyboard's A key to accelerate, and your Z key to slow down. If you want to cruise along for a while at a certain speed, your car's cruise control will ensure that you keep a nice steady speed if you take your fingers off the acceleration or deceleration keys. You can see your current speed at the top of the game, along with the number of checkpoints you've passed, your total driving time in seconds, and the number of lives you have left (this particular number is the lives you have remaining in addition to your current life). Your keyboard's arrow keys control the direction of travel.

Can you make it to checkpoint 50, and how fast can you get there? Enjoy the driving and have a great journey!

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