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Ollie Skates

Online Skateboarding Game

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Experience the thrill of four wheels under your feet in the online skateboarding game of Ollie Skates. Ollie is a peace-loving guy who likes nothing better than a pleasant evening skating through the city. The place isn't what it used to be though - the local Council has become a bit slapdash, and have left the manhole covers off lots of the drainage access holes in the streets. Even worse, there is something very nasty down there in the sewers, and bubbles are floating up out of many of the untopped manholes. No-one knows exactly what these bubbles are. At least no-one admits to knowing - conspiracy theorists and envornmental groups alike believe the Council is flushing some strange chemicals down the drains though. One thing's for certain, the bubbles are proving to be seriously dangerous to people's health.

Ollie doesn't let these problems deter him though - he's out for fun and to live life to the full. Your keyboard's up key and down key will help Ollie to enjoy the good times by guiding him on his skateboarding adventures. Try to avoid the rising blue bubbles at all costs, as whatever they consist of, they'll damage Ollie's health which is indicated by the red bar near the top left of the game underneath your score. Your space bar will cause Ollie to jump over the open manholes. Each time you successfully jump one of these which isn't expelling any of the hazardous bubbles, you'll increase your street skating credibility which is indicated by your score at the top left of the game. If you fail to jump any of these, luckily your speed will just about allow you to skip over the open hole, but the scare of nearly dropping down into the dark murkiness will reduce your health level.

At the end of the game you'll be presented with your final skating skill score. To begin another games, simply use your browser's refresh or reload button.

Good luck out there in the city!

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