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Tricolor Bone Game

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Dragging bones around the place sounds like something out of a scary horror movie, but in the game of Mumu, it's a fun activity sure to get your brain-a-thinking. In this tricolor bone game, each bone contains three colored jewels. Your aim is to place the bones on the game grid in such a way that you create matching groups of three or more jewels of the same color. Once you manage to create such a group of 3 or more, those jeweled sections of the bones will be removed from the board, giving you space in which you can later fit in more bones.

Each time you drag a bone to the playing area you are able to rotate the bone to help you to fit it on the board in the way you want. This is done by clicking and hold your mouse on the bone to start to drag it, then, whilst you still have your mouse button held down, pressing any key on your keyboard. Pressing a key once will rotate the bone 90 degress in a clockwise direction, Further keypresses will keep rotating the bone in additional 90 degree increments.

Each time you succesfully lay a bone down you'll score 3 points. Score over 250 and you can declare yourself an "Ancient of Mumu" (thanks to the music group KLF for the idea for that title!).

Will you become one of the Justified Ancients of Mumu?

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