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Naval Bombardment Game

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Here's another great classic game to enjoy. Young or old, the strategy game of Naval Bombardment is an eternal favorite. Remember those days in the class room with pieces of paper on which you drew your sea-grid, with an up-ended book in between you and your enemy so that you couldn't see each other's ship placements? Or maybe you had one of the classic toy board games or possibly even one of the electronic Battleship versions which were among the forefront of game technology when I was growing up in the early 1980's. Now you can battle against your PC in this fun online version of this classic game.

Naval Bombardment Scenario:

"...We have located the enemy fleet under the command of Admiral Kompütor, but do not currently have visual contact. We suggest that the best course of action is to fire at random into their vicinity and listen for the impact of our shells...

...Our intelligence sources confirm that the composition of the enemy fleet is identical to our own, and has likewise been forced to resort to the same tactics as ourselves. In accordance with the rules of war, fire will be exchanged one shell at a time and vessels lost will be disclosed immediately...

...As per your orders you have been placed directly in command of the fleet's armaments. Select the target's location by clicking in the left-hand grid below. The right hand grid indicates the status and formation of our own fleet.

......We believe that this battle will not be over until one or other fleet is sunk in it's entirety. Our gunners urgently await your commands. We're counting on you, Sir......"

Sorry, this game has been removed due to copyright/Trademark concerns.

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