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Race Day

Online Car Racing Game

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Prepare to qualify for the Formula One championship! In the exciting driving game of Race Day, you are at the wheel of a powerful Formula 1 racing car. This high octane game gives you 5 different tracks to choose from, each presenting its own individual challenge to test your racing skills. To choose between tracks, just use the drop-down box at the bottom left corner of the game.

Your rival drivers are controlled by the computer, and they're a fast, skilful bunch - they'll certainly try to give you fierce competition. Like in real racing, you'll need to be careful when trying to pass - overtaking can be particularly difficult whilst you're trying to maneuver those tricky corners. One touch of your car against another and you could end up in a horribly messy crash. Will you be the one to hold that massive bottle of champagne on the winners podium at the end of the race?

As soon as the starting lights give you the signal, it's time to speed away. Your keyboard's up arrow key is your accelerator, and your down arrow key is your brake. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use your A key as the accelerator and the Z key for braking. To navigate those formidable corners and bends, use your keyboard's left arrow left arrow and right arrow keys for steering.

You've also got gear control too for that full driving experience. At the start of the race you begin in low gear. Pressing your space bar will move your into high gear. You can toggle back and forth between low and high gears by using subsequent presses of your space bar.

Good luck and enjoy the thrill of the race track!

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