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Knight's Tour Chess Puzzle Game


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Have fun and test your brain with this tricky Knight's Tour Chess puzzle.  In this fiendishly difficult chess problem you need to move a knight around the board in such a way that  it visits each square once, without revisiting any of the squares that it has already landed on.  It is believed that origins of the Knights Tour puzzle go all the way back to ancient India. The first known reference to it was in 9th century Indian literature. 

The knight must use its usual method of moving, in other words it should jump to a square which is located two steps in one direction and one step at a right angle to that direction.  You can choose any square chessboard to play on from 4x4 squares upwards. Just use the circled plus sign or minus sign located on either side of the board's dimensions at the top of the game to change the number of squares.  You can also change the size of each square using the magnifying glasses. 

Each time you move a number will appear on the board indicating the number of squares you've successfully visited.  The number in the most recent square that you've visited will be circled in a light grey colour to help you locate your knight if you need to take your eye away from the game for a while. 

If you find yourself at a point where you can't make any more moves without revisiting a square that you've already landed on before, you can undo any number of moved by pressing the undo button denoted by .  If you find that you've accidentally pressed the undo button too many times you can use the redo button .  A Moves counter is
located near the top left of the game beside the timer.  As well as increasing each time your knight jumps to a new square, the Moves counter will also increase by one each time you use the undo or redo button.
To abandon you current tour and begin again with a new blank chessboard you can press the restart button  .

Can you gain honour like the knights of old and complete the Knight's Tour?

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