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Online Sudoku Puzzles

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Give your brain a workout with our free online Sudoku puzzle game.  Each time you play you'll be presented with a brand new puzzle to solve, so bookmark or link to this page so that you can come back any time you want to exercise your brain with new Sudoku puzzles.      

Since its rise to popularity in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, this ingenious logic puzzle has captivated the minds of people from all walks of life throughout the whole the world.

Research has been done which suggests that logic puzzles like Sudoku truly are good for your brain.  The feeling of accomplishment on solving such a puzzle is pretty great too!

Instructions on How to Play Sudoku online

The aim of Sudoku is to fill the 9x9 board with digits between 1 and 9 so that every row across contains all of the numbers  to 9 without any repetition.  In addition, every single vertical column must also contain the numbers 1 to 9 without duplicates.   And if that doesn't sound tricky enough, each of the smaller 3x3 grids, denoted by the thicker gridlines, must also contain the numbers 1 to 9 without repeating any number.
To start a new puzzle, hover over your mouse over the Game menu, then over the New submenu and then select from Easy, Medium or Hard to choose the degree of challenge.  Easy Sudoku will give you 40 numbers toward filling the board, Medium Sudoku will provide you with 33 numbers and Hard Sudoku will only give you 26 numbers, leaving you with a really fiendish challenge on your hands.

To enter numbers on the board, click on any of the grid squares.  You'll see that a colored crosshair is created from the surrounding squares, centered on the one you have clicked.  Use your computer's keyboard to enter a number, or you can click your mouse to select from any of the digits at the bottom of the game.  If you are trying to use your computer's keyboard and no numbers are appearing you may have just lost "focus" of the web page. To regain focus, simply click on a blank part of the page and things should be fine again.  

If you wish to remove the mouse keyboard, you can toggle it on or off using the Keyboard menu at the top of the puzzle.  Similarly the Sound can be toggled on or off too.

It's often in the nature of logic problems, especially at hard difficulty settings, that you may find yourself going up a blind alley and may therefore need to backtrack your steps a little bit.  Springfrog's Sudoku puzzles make it easy for you to do this, in fact much easier than having to rub out your work with a pencil eraser on paper.
 If you decide that you've entered an incorrect number, you can delete it either by pressing you computer keyboard's delete key or by clicking on the X at the bottom right of the game.  In addition, you can also backtrack any number of steps in reverse order by hovering over the Edit menu, then selecting Undo.  

At any stage you can save your puzzle 
by clicking the Save option under the Game menu.  As long as you keep your web browser on this page, you can then use Game --> Restore to go straight back to that point at any time, even if you've started another game since you made the save.  Alternatively you can use Edit --> Restart to return to the very beginning of the puzzle.

If you get stuck, you can select Hint from under the Edit menu to have the computer place one digit on the board.
 There's also a Solve option which will complete the Sudoku puzzle entirely, but hey, you don't really want to give in to that do you?.   

Assuming that you've not resorted to the Solve option, but instead have figured out where all the numbers go yourself, once you have no more blank squares you can check whether you've achieved the correct solution by hovering over the Game menu and selecting Check.  The cmnputer will then tell you whether you''ve been successful in your Sudoku solving.

Good luck and have fun!

Please place a link to this page on your own website to give your visitors the chance to enjoy Sudoku. You can also bookmark Springfrog's Online Sudoku Puzzle Game and come back to play for free at any time.