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Play Pinball Online
Enjoy this Classic Arcade Game on 3 Fun Tables


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Get you flipper fingers ready for an exciting game of online pinball. Choose between three different versions of this fun game which has been a long-tiime favourite in many amusement arcades throughout the entire world.

To start the ball in play, pull back and release the plunger using your computer keyboard's down arrow key. Keep the ball on the table using your left and right arrow keys to control the movement of your flippers.

Springfrog's classic version of Pinball stays true to the original pinball arcade machines which were first produced with their now familiar flippers in 1947. Before then, pinball was a kind of bagatelle game which was played on tables without flippers, and depended much on luck. The invention of the flippers in 1947 by the Gottlieb company turned pinball into an exciting game of skill, not ony enabling players to use the flippers to keep the ball in play, but also to aim for targets on the table. In our classic style of the game you'll find the now familiar bells, bumpers and targets including one particular trap which will set loose an extra ball in play on the table any time an existing ball enters the trap.

Our second version is a breakout style of Pinball. Score extra points by clearing the blue and yellow bricks in this cross between pinball and the classic breakout arcade game. The blue bricks will disappear once hit with the ball but the yellow bricks are a bit tougher and will only crack a little on their first encounter with the ball, requiring multiple hits to clear them from the table.

Sports fans and arcade game players alike will love our third version of virtual Pinball. With three pairs of flippers, it's you against the goalkeeper in this soccer pinball. You've even got a proper football instead of the traditional metal ball as you aim for the goal at the sound of the adoring crowd.


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Thanks to mapleleaf for use of the authentic pinball bell sound in this game.

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