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Tronix Lines Puzzle Game
Rearrange Vertices so that no Lines Cross


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Test you mind with this fascinating line puzzle game of Tronix. In this unique 20 level game you'll be presented with a graph of lines. The points where the lines are connected (or in other words, the vertices) are indicated by a circular connecting button. Your challenge is to rearrange the graph so that no lines except the vertices touch or cross each other, and none of the vertices are sitting on top of any of the other lines.

Click, hold and drag the connecting buttons to move the vertices. Once you have successfully achieved a solution to a level, the graph will turn a green color and an arrow will appear at the bottom right corner of the game. Clicking on the arrow will advance you to the next level and another puzzling graphical challenge.

If you prefer, rather than advancing immediately, you can re-mix the graph after solving it. The green arrow to take you to the next level will stay in place so you can still jump ahead at any time.

Clicking on the three horizontal lines at the very bottom of the game will bring up the menu tray. Here you can choose to go back to any previous level by using the backward arrow, or you can use the forward arrow on the right to go forward up to the highest level that you have completed so far. The play arrow on the left of the menu tray will re-start the level that you have selected. Here in the memu tray you can also see the number of the level that you are playing on.

Good luck and have fun!


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