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Play Billi Li Color Lines Game Online


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Use forward planning and strategy in this fun game of Billi Li Color Lines.

This Great Game is an update of the classic favourite Color Lines game which is almost 20 years old, Intead of playing with just simple colored balls on a checkered background, our much beautified version uses billiard balls on a gridded billiard table, from which the name Billi Li comes from: Billi for the Billiards and Li for the Lines.

The Billard table grid is 9 squares x 9 squares in dimension, each square being large enought to just accommodate a single billiard ball.

The game begins 5 balls, selected randomly by the computer from the seven different billiard ball colors, and placed in random positions on the grid.

Your aim is to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of at least 5 balls of the same color. To achieve this, each turn you can move only one ball, and you can only move it to a particular location if there is a clear path of travel between the ball's current position and its intended destination.

To move a ball, click on it first to start it bouncing in anticipation of its journey. As you move your cursor to the requred destination you'll be able to see the path of travel it will take, providing that there is an unblocked path available. If you have second thoughts and decide against your original choice of ball, just click on your next choice to start that one bouncing with excitement ready for its voyage across the billiard table.

Once you have moved your chosen ball and completed your turn, three new randomly colored balls are dropped onto the billiard table in random locations. This means that each move is more difficult for you as the turns progress. The exception to this is if you have been successful in creating a same colored line. In this event, the line of same-colored balls will disappear and you'll be able to move another ball immediately before the the next three balls are dropped.

To help you plan ahead, at the top of the billiard table you can see the three balls that will be placed after your current turn.

Each time you remove a colored line you'll score points depending on the length of the colored line.

Good luck and have fun!


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