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Funny Cat Jigsaw Puzzle of Cute Kitty Hiding in a Box - Play Online


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This cute cat has found the ideal hiding place. Not only is he nice and snug, but he's also got his own bottle of water to drink from if he gets thirsty! Enjoy solving this funny cat jigsaw puzzle online.

Cats are often described as the world's most popular pet although dogs may just have them beat. According to the International Federation for Animal Health Europe, excluding strays there are 220 million cats in the world, just pipped at the post by 223 million dogs. Beaten by a nose you could say.

When it comes to noses, that brings up an interesting fact in itself. The nosepad of a cat is ridged in a pattern unique to that particular individual, similar to the way that a human's fingerprint is unique. I guess if a cat committed a crime, the kitty police would get him to stick his nose in an inkpad rather than his paws. Cat burglars watch out...you will be identified!

Calico cats, in other words those who have a fur pattern of two different colors on a white background to give three colors in total, are nearly alway female. This is because the X chromosome is the one which determines the fur color. Males have one X and one Y chromosome, so with the single X they can only have one color of fur in addition to white. Max, the cute kitty in our funny cat jigsaw puzzle is such an example with his beautiful black and white coat. Female animals have two X Chromosomes however, so they can have two different colors as well as white, thus giving them the possibility of becoming calico (three-colored). It is possible, but very rare, for male cats to be calico patterned if they have an unusual combination of two X and one Y chromosomes. In these cases however, the male is nearly always infertile.

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Thanks to martinak15 for the use of the lovely picture of her funny cat, Max, who is the star of this online jigsaw puzzle.

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