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Funny Cute Cat Jigsaw Puzzle Online - Kitty with Bowl on his Head


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Have you seen my bowl? I'm sure it was around here somewhere but I just can't think where I put it. Enjoy solving this cute cat jigsaw puzzle online and help this funny kitty remember where he put his bowl.

The cute picture in this jigsaw puzzle reminds me of when you walk around your home wondering where you've left your glasses, only to realise after many minutes that you're actually wearing them.

An interesting fact is that cats can't see things right under their nose and chin very well. If you pop a toy surreptitiously under there, your kitty will not be ignoring it, but he or she will instead not realise it has been put there. However, being hunters they have some other great advantages when it comes to eyesight. A cat's pupils dilate much faster than those of a human, and to three times the size of a human's pupil. With such large pupils, combined with a special mirror-like membrane called a tapetum at the back of their eyes, they have excellent night vision. The tapetum is the membrane that can make cats eyes appear to glow at night. Cats can see well in only one-sixth as much light as humans. They are said to "kiss" with their eyes by closing and opening their eyelids in slow-motion. If you do this to your cat, you may be rewarded with an eye-kiss back in return.

All kittens are born with blue eyes, as a substance called melanin has not fully accumulated in the irises at birth. By around 5 to 7 weeks old the kitten's true eye color will have developed. Those little eyes aren't always wide awake though, as cats are among the sleepiest members of the animal kingdom. They sleep between 12 and 16 hours every day. It is believed that one reason for so much sleep is that wild cats need to conserve energy to ensure that when they are awake they are alert and ready to hunt their prey. Domestic cats have not grown out of this habit, and anyway they still need those bursts of energy to chase after their toy mouse or ping-pong ball!

Cats are very intelligent animals. Defining and measuring smartness is a tricky thing, and different ways of measuring intelligence result in cats being rated at differing rankings of intelligence when compared to other animals, but very often they're found in lists of the top 10 or 15 animals. Some people even say that only monkeys and chimpanzees are smarter. Cats themselves may like that particular statistic but the accuracy of this may be questionable, as animals like dolphins, crows and elephants are also usually thought to be smarter than the average kitty.

Domestic cats can produce over 50 different vocalisations, sometimes as many as 100. Like human children, they learn by imitating their mother or parent-figure. If you talk to your cat you'll be rewarded by a more talkative animal. It can be very rewarding to learn the variety of different sounds that your cat makes for different situations. The owner of Zoe, the cat in our jigsaw puzzle in undoubtedly learning right now kitty language for “Where's my bowl?”

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Thanks to Beau B for the use of the funny cute cat picture used in this online jigsaw puzzle.

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