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Cute Funny Cat Jigsaw Puzzle Online of a Kitty in a Miniature Model Room


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This cute cat has found his very own home within a home. He is relaxing nice and snugly in a miniature architectural model of a room which his owner has brought home. This funny cat jigsaw puzzle is quite a tricky one to solve and will certainly test your skills, especially at higher numbers of pieces. Can you solve it or will you get beaten by a cute relaxing kittycat?

The average lifespan of a domestic cat is about 15 years but many live into their early 20s. According to the Guinness book orf records the oldest cat in the world was called Creme Puff who lived to a ripe old age of 38 years and 3 days before going to the big hunting ground in the sky in 2005. Indoor cats have a much longer lifespan than those who spend most of their time outside. Free-roaming felines only have an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years.

In 2012 Europe's first cat cafe opened in Austria. Five felines rescued from an animal shelter live in Cafe Neko, where customers can stroke and play with them whilst they're drinking their tea of coffee (that's the customers doing the drinking I hope!). Neko means cat in Japanese. The concept is borrowed from Japan where many people live in apartments where keeping pets is forbidden. There are around 39 similar establishments in Japan allowing people to enjoy interacting with these beautiful, playful creatures.

A single litter of kittens can have more than one father. This is the reason why some litters have striking differences in the markings, some being a classic dark brown tabby pattern for example whilst others maybe being black and white cats like Postman Pat's cat, Jess. One female cat can have as many as 100 kittens during her lifetime.

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Thanks to psyberartist for the use of the cute funny cat picture used in this online jigsaw puzzle.

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