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Online Horse Jigsaw Puzzle of a Foal and Mare Feeding


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Enjoy piecing together this delightful jigsaw puzzle of a mare feeding, together with her young foal peering inquisitively over the top of a bucket.

Horses and humans have lived together for thousands of years, but our four-legged friends still need a bit of gentle coaxing to become our faithful steeds and loyal companions.  If a foal is intended to be a future riding horse, carriage horse or workhorse, it is important to accustom it to humans from birth, and to educate it patiently and affectionately, but consistently. There are two schools of thought when it comes to equine education, the first of these being classical training and the second being so-called Imprinting.

Classical training usually begins one to two days after the foal's birth. The young horse should be slowly introduced to humans. In the beginning it is above all about the fact that the foal is allowed to come up to someone itself and allow itself to be touched and stroked. If it has become used to a person, the next step is to fit a halter around the foal's muzzle and behind the ears. Exercises where the horse is led around by the halter can then begin. If the foal reacts well to the halter and lead rope, more elaborate exercises can follow like lifting hooves or the foal allowing itself to be groomed. These exercises are particularly important for any time that the foal may need attention from a vet or blacksmith.

The alternative way of training is known as imprinting. The effectiveness of this method is somewhat disputed. Here, the animal's training begins straight after the birth: Against its instincts, the newborn foal is prevented from immediately standing up. The trainer then touches the foal on the whole body and also reaches into all body openings, in other words the mouth, nostrils, ears and even the anus. This continues until the animal no longer resists these touches any more, but calmly resigns itself to the touches. The first lesson usually lasts between half an hour to 60 minutes. To achieve the desired success, these measures must be repeated regularly. This process should make later contact with the horse easier, both for possible future owners as well as for vets, shoesmiths and other humans.

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Thanks to Kyknoord for the use of the charming picture of this cute foal and its mother in this online jigsaw puzzle.

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