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Online Jigsaw Puzzle of Funny Cat Drinking from a Kitchen Tap


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You want me to drink from a bowl of still water just a couple of inches off the ground? Not me, I'm a classy cat. Straight from the tap is how I like it...fresh and lovely!

Have almost as much fun as this cute kitty by solving our funny cat jigsaw puzzle online. Although it may seem odd, quite a few cats do seem to prefer drinking water running from a tap rather than from a bowl. It may even seem a bit rude to some of us. After all, you go to the trouble of getting them their very own bowl and make the effort of ensuring it's always topped up with fresh water and then your cat turns its nose up at it, or sometimes worse, turns over the bowl entirely. Then, just as you're about to clean the dishes, up jumps your kitty onto the sink and starts merrily slurping from the tap, having rejected its bowl just five minutes earlier,

Many cats will go so far as meowing at their owners at all times of day or night asking for the tap to be turned on so that they can have a drink rather than using their bowl. Some animals are even smarter than that - amazingly, Frankie, the one in our funny cat jigsaw puzzle, even turned on the kitchen tap herself!

No cat has told us humans why they do this yet, but it may be due to a combination of reasons. In the past when cats roamed wild,drinking from running water such as a waterfall or stream would have been more healthy than drinking from a still pond, as there would be likely to be less bacteria or parasites in the fast flowing water. This instinct has probably passed down the generations and stayed with our domestic cats today. Part of the reason may simply be because it's fun - a way for your cat to play at the same time as taking a pleasant drink. It may also be because water running from a tap is slightly aerated which may make it seem to tast better and more refreshing to your cat.

If your kitty is insistent on drinking tap water, one alternative and a good way of getting him or her to change habits is to get a pet drinking fountain. This is a bowl which constantly pumps the water around so that it trickles out of the fountain into the bowl and back through the fountain again. Most cat owners whose pets have had the habit of insisting on drinking from a running tap report success in getting their kitty to use a fountain, thus resulting in a happy cat and a more peaceful household, especially at washing-up time!.

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Thanks to Neil Graver for the use of his cute and funny picture of Frankie the cat, which is used in this jigsaw puzzle.

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