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Online Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle of a Rainbow at Niagara Falls


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Enjoy piecing together this online panoramic jigsaw puzzle of a rainbow at American Falls, the second largest of the three waterfalls at Niagara Falls on the border between the USA and Canada. Although the height of American Falls is 57 metres to the river below, the fall of the water is broken by a pile of rocks, resulting in the actual drop of the water being between 21 to 31 metres to the rocks.

The picture in this panormic Jigsaw Puzzle looks toward Ontario in Canada. If you look carefully you can see that the rainbow which appears to be stretching out over the river is actually a double rainbow. These are formed when light is reflected twice within drops of water. The second rainbow is always located outside of the arc of the main one, and the second rainbow's colors are always reversed in comparison with the main one.

In the panoramic background of this jigsaw puzzle, up and to the left of the rainbow, a skyscraper with round floors near its top can be seen. Looking a bit like a small version of the CN Tower, this is in fact the Skylon Tower at Niagara Falls. The Skylon building stands at 160 metres, measured from the light on its top to its base, or 236m above the Maid of the Mist tour boat as she takes visitors near he bottom of Niagara Falls. The height was designed to give a good panoramic view of Niagara Falls and its surroundings whilst not being too high to reduce the river and waterfalls to tiny specks.

The round floors att the top can be reached by one of the three external elevators. After a 52 second ride in the glass-sided elevator, watching the cars and people below becoming ever-smaller, visitors can enjoy a meal from one of the two restaurants. The lower of the two is the Revolving Dining Room which turns at the rate of one complete revolution per hour, giving stunning views of Niagara Falls and Ontario whilst diners enjoy continental cuisine. Above this is the Summit Suite Buffet dining room where reasonably-priced casual meals can be enjoyed. On the floor above the restaurants is an observation deck where visitors can roam around and take in the view. Also in the Skylon Tower is a 3D/4D movie theartre for film buffs, and various shops at the base to keep tourists happy.

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Thanks to Scazon for the use of his impressive picture of the rainbow at American Falls at Niagara which is used in this jigsaw puzzle.

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