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Norwegian Fjord Horses Jigsaw Puzzle Online


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Have fun solving this online jigsaw puzzle of a pair of beautiful Norwegian Fjord horses.  The Norwegian fjord horse is a breed which inhabits the mountainous coastal regions of Norway. It is small yet strong and shares characteristics of the baroque type of European horses. The fjord horse also exhibits qualities reminiscent of old wild horse breeds from Eastern Europe and Asia. It has a wide forehead with alert, clear, calm and expressive eyes. The large, straight head with its small, sharp ears and large nostrils sits on a very strong neck. This breed of horse has strong, broad shoulders and chest, flat withers and a flexible back which is good for bearing loads. These animals have a wide and deep chest, and an angular rump. Their short legs are stable and athletic, sometimes patterned in a zebra style and with light fur hanging down from the fetlocks. They measure around 135 to 150 centimetres in height.

Fjord horses are found in all dun colours. The mane is two-tone. A distinctive dark stripe which often occurs on the tip of the mane, extends down along the animal's back. This striking dark stripe can be paticularly well seen in the horse at the right of our jigsaw puzzle.

Although light cream colored Fjord horses occur in nature, domesticated breeding standards deem this shade of Fjord Horse to be undesirable. The breeding standard also prescribes that white markings on the head or legs are undesirable. Such markings are tolerated in mares, but not in breeding stallions.

In the wild, the mane of a Norwegian Fjord horse hangs down naturally along the top of the neck, but in domesticated riding horses the mane is often trimmed so that it stands upright. This has been a tradition passed down since the time of the Vikings. Horses with this traditional standing mane are illustrated on ancient rune stones. With a correct cut, the internal black mane hair stands a little higher than the light-colored lateral hairs. Thus the dark stripe on the animal's back and the strong neck are better expressed.

Like most breeds of pony, the fjord horse is considered to be robust, humble, well-balanced, receptive and long-lived. In the past it was the all-round horse of Norway, used for all possible types of work. The fjord horse served as a riding and carriage horse, and was employed in agriculture to plough farmland. It was also used to pull timber and logs. Still today this excellent climber, even under heavy loads, is is used by the Norwegian mountain troops as a packhorse.

This well-tempered animal is also still used as a riding horse. They are suitable for both short distance walking rides and long distance riding, as well as racing and skill tournaments. Also they are used as therapy horses. Beyond this, they are good horses for children.

Fjord horses are on the rise in tournament sports. Evermore frequently they can be seen achieving great results in top class dressage and show jumping contests.

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Thanks to Jennifer Slot for the use of her picture of these beautiful Norwegian Fjord Horses in this online jigsaw puzzle.

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