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Online Jigsaw Puzzle of Traditional Horse Drawn Wagon at Oktberfest Parade


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Have fun assembling this online jigsaw puzzle of a team of horses pulling a traditional horse drawn wagon at the Oktoberfest in Munich in Germany.

The parade of horses, carts and people in traditional dress makes its way through the city centre at the start of the Oktoberfest folk festival, which is a huge annual event in Munich.  Each year, as well as the horses, around 12,000 people work at the Oktoberfest, including 1,600 waiters and waitresses. On average about 60,000 hectolitres of beer and 500,000 servings of German rotisserie roasted chicken are sold every year. The overall sales turnover amounts to about 450 million euros based on 2009 figures.

The Theresienwiese meadow where the Oktoberfest is held is 42 hectares in size. The actual main festival area is 31 hectares, with the old-style historical Oktoberfest “Oiden Wiesn” encompassing 3 hectares.

Power for the Oktoberfest is supplied along 43 kilometres of cable through 18 partially underground electrical transformer stations. The energy consumption amounts to a total of about 2.7 million kilowatt hours, not including the power necessary for construction and dismantling of the festival. This equates to approximately 13% of the daily energy power requirement of Munich. A large festival tent needs on an average 400 kilowatts, larger carousels and other rides need 300 kilowatts. For the supply of tents with natural gas a four kilometre long network of gas lines is installed. The gas consumption amounts to 180,000 cubic metres for the kitchens and 20,000 cubic metres for heating the beer gardens.

Following the model of the Munich Oktoberfest, a number of similar folk festivals have developed worldwide. Among the largest ones are the Qingdao Oktoberfest in China with about 3 million visitors yearly; the Kitchener Oktoberfest in Canada with about 700,000 annual visitors and the Blumenau Oktoberfest in Brazil with about 600,000 visitors each year.

Also in Germany there are imitations of the Munich Oktoberfest. The largest is the Hannover Oktoberfest which represents the second largest Oktoberfest in Germany with about 900,000 annual visitors.

Austria began its own version of the Oktoberfest in 2011. From the 23rd of September to the 2nd of October it celebrates the "Wiener Wiesn" on the imperial meadow of Vienna. The first festival in 2011 included three festival tents and a Ferris Wheel, and was visited by 150,000 people.

Probably the most famous worker to help with the construction of an Oktoberfest was a young Albert Einstein. As a temporary help in his father and uncle's electric business, the Einstein Brothers Company, he screwed electric light bulbs in the Schottenhamel festival tent.

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Thanks to Peter Becker for the use of his fabulous picture of this traditional horsedrawn wagon.

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