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Online Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle of Sprague Lake in the Rocky Mountains


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Have fun solving this online panormic jigsaw puzzle of a beautiful scenic view of Sprague Lake in the Rocky Mountains. Located in Larimer County, Colorado, Sprague Lake is 8,700 feet (2,651) metres above sea level. Map co-coodinates for driving to the lake are latitude 40.320278, longitude -105.604722 degrees. On arriving you can find a picnic area next to the parking area, with tables and toilet facilities.

All the way around the 13 area lake, there is a wide and well-maintained wheelchair-accessible trail. The entire walk around the lake is about half a mile. At a gentle stroll you should be able to complete this level walk around in about half an hour. Plenty of benches are provided to allow you to rest and take in the scenery. If you look carefelly you can see someone enjoying a stroll on the pathway near the bottom right of this jigsaw puzzle.

For those who want to enjoy the glory of the great Rocky Mountains overnight or stay for up to three nights in this tranquil location, a wheelchair-accessible campsite can be reached via a half-mile trail from the parking area. This trail is not accessible by cars, so you'll need to be prepared to personally haul any equipment that you'll need along its length to the camping ground. A permit is required to stay at the campsite, obtainable from the Backcountry Office of Rocky Mountain National Park, telephone 970-586-1242. The campsite can accommodate a maximum of 12 people, including up to 6 wheelchair campers, Certified assistance dogs are welcome for those with sight or hearing impairment.

Sprague lake is ideally situated to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains which can be seen towering in the distance above the lake from all parts of the trail around it. In good light throughout all seasons the mountains will reflect in the lake creating a stunningly photographic view. From the far side of the lake you see the some of the mountains which make up the continental divide.

Animal lovers are well catered-for by Sprague lake too. Elk may be spotted in the surroundings, and more rarely you may spot a moose near or even in the water. Chipmunks, as well as ducks and other birds take advantage of the surroundings, and the lake itself is home to numerous fish which can be seen at depths of 5 feet or so, due to the clarity of the waters.

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Thanks to F Delventhal for the use of his beautiful panoramic picture of Sprague Lake in the Rocky Mountains, which is used in this jigsaw puzzle.

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