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Horse Jumping Jigsaw Puzzle Online


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Frogs aren't the only animals who love jumping.  Horses seem to enjoy it too.  Join in with the fun by solving this great horse jumping jigsaw puzzle online, which captures the action and exitement of both the horse and rider as they soar over a fence.  

Jumping is great exercise for both rider and steed. It is good for relatively inexperienced riders as part of a well-balanced basic training regime. In addition to its play aspects, it also allows the rider to acquire qualities essential to all horse-riding, like balance, confidence and relaxation on the saddle.

With a little encouragement young horses usually will jump very willingly and confidently over small obstacles. However, if ridden incorrectly they can be put off jumping. Such horses are said to be “sour”. It is very difficult to regain the confidence of a sour horse, so go gently with the training and if your horse shows signs of not wanting to take a certain jump, try something else and go back to that particular jump at a later stage when he has built up a little more confidence.

In jumping, the horse and rider must be in harmony. The rider needs to control many parameters such as speed, trajectory, plus the number and length of strides to ensure a good jump without faults. In parallel with the work on the fences, work on dressage (obedience and precision of movement), improving muscle tone and relaxation in the presence of crowds is necessary so that the horse has the best possible potential.

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Thanks to V Smoothe for the great action shot of a Traci, the rider, and her horse jumping a fence, which is used in this online jigsaw puzzle.

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