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Grey Horse Jigsaw Puzzle Online and Interesting Facts about Horses


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Have fun solving this Grey horse Jigsaw puzzle online and enjoy some interesting facts about horses too.  This beautiful animal is pictured in a paddock at  Ridley Creek State Park.in Delaware County, Pennsylvania in the USA.

The horse in our jigsaw puzzle looks like he is staring off into the distance to the left.  However, he is probably quite aware of almost everything going on around him.  Because their eyes are on the sides of their head, horses have 350 degrees of vision. However, if there is something straight in front of its nose or behind them, a horse will only notice if it turns its head. Horses are slightly color blind. They can not differentiate between all brown, green and grey, so the animal in our jigsaw puzzle may not even realise what a beautiful shade of grey he is. However, the can distinguish well colors like blue, red, yellow and white. They see better in the dark than humans, but need longer, to adjust themselves to fast changes in light levels.

Horses have very fine hearing. They are able to swivel each ear 180 degrees, thus the animal is capable of placing its ears in such a way that it can hear in a straight line in any direction.

In their original habitat, in order to be safe from predators, horses developed different fur colours over time. One of the original colors was a bright brown tone. Typical examples are the Norwegian fjord horses who are additionally characterized by a clear dark dark stripe on the animal's mane.

Horses have between 36 and 44 teeth. When young, foals have a milk set of between 24 to 28 teeth.

The height of horses is generally measured from the ground to the top of the shoulder blade (known as the withers). Our equine friends come in a wide range of sizes from Einstein, born in April 2010 who by 2011 became declared as the smallest miniature pony recorded at a diminutive 50.8 centimeters (20 inches) to shire horses who can reach heights of 220 centimetres. The difference between a pony and a horse is generally the animal's height although there are some exceptions. Those up to 148 centimeters high without shoes or 149 centimetres shod are usually known as ponies, whereas those above 148 cm high are known as horses.

With such a difference in possible heights, the weight of ponies and large horses can lie anywhere between 90 kilograms and 1200 kg. Horses are fully-grown at the age of seven years. Large horses can reach an age of approximately 20-30 years, Ponies can, in rare cases, live to a ripe old age of 50 years old. The oldest ever recorded age for a horse was 62 years, held by Billy, an black barge horse in England who lived from 1760 to 1822.

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Thanks to Michael Napoleon for the use of the lovely picture of the grey horse in this online jigsaw puzzle.

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