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V Force Alien Defence

Scrolling Online Shooter Game

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Eight years ago, from the depths of outer space, they came - an invasion force of alien spacecraft. Their leaders were intent on claiming the Earth for themselves and mining its resources. At first, their unexpected attacks were startlingly successful - not only were the numbers of space ships so large, but most of humanity's weapons proved disasterously ineffective at penetrating their protective shields and alien materials that the ships were made of. Soon they took control of most parts of the world, covering the earth in thick clouds from the mining and exploitation that they undertook. Many of these clouds were horribly discolored from the chemicals they used to separate the earth's natural elements, and from the hot furnaces which ravaged the land.

Humans were captured and used as slaves in this horrendous enterprise. Soon many learned the terrible truth. The aliens were not a bit interested in the long-term viability of the earth, but were intent on simply ravaging the planet to exploit our world for all it has. After leaving a dead empty husk at the end they planned to move on to their next planetary victim.

A small resistance was all that the Earth's human inhabitance could pin their hopes on. Formed from the vestiges of international governments, scientists and military organisations, a defence squadron known as V Force gradually grew in strength. Their name was inspired by the V for Victory sign used in the Earth's Second World War, but this time the nations of Earth were not battling themselves but the demonic extra terrestrials. Slowly but surely, V Force began to develop the new combat technology which could overcome the alien space ships' defenses. Initially a single squadron of fighter planes were tested, flying by remote control without risking the lives of the few human pilots who remained. To the delight of the resistance, the remote controlled test planes and their new weaponry were an outstanding success. Full production went into action throughout the underground factories of the international resistance network.

The best fighter Pilots were trained in the new technology, and over the past three years, V Force has defeated most of the alien invaders, but at a huge cost. The Aliens were able to hunt down and destroy all of the factories which were used to create the new combat planes, and there are now only three V Force planes left. The Aliens aren't aware of this, owever, and with the great losses that they to have suffered at V Force's action, the Aliens only have 80 of their own space craft left on Earth. The whole of this planet's future is held in the hands of the final three V Force planes against the 80 Alien space craft, and this is where the planet needs you.

In this cool scrolling shooter game, your online challenge is to become part of the V force combat squadron. Flying above the clouds of industrial pollution, you'll engage in mankind's final battle against the space invaders. To begin the action, click on the horizontal bar below the VForce fighter plane (you may need to increase the brightness of your PC screen to see the bar). Immediately you'll be transported into the battle, with the aliens swooping and shooting at you. The direction of your fighter plane is controlled by the movement of your mouse, and left-clicking with your mouse will fire the new weaponry which the scientists have developed.

The fate of planet Earth is in your hands. Can you reach the end of level 8 by defeating the aliens' final 80 space ships, and score the maximum 800 points to set humanity free of the invasion, or will mankind's final squadron of 3 planes be shot down by the overwhelming invading force? Whichever it may be, fight well and keep shooting until the death - the more aliens you take down, the greater a chance of what's left of the human resistance being able to somehow destroy the remainder of the aliens' ocupying force.

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